Alessia Teruggi

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With us at the MEG: Alessia was trained with us during 2014 in laboratory analysis and lab management. She is greatly skilled in molecular biology and in classical microbiology. During her training at the MEG she has been involved on a large monitoring campaign of antibiotic resistant genes in Lake Maggiore (CIPAIS Project) and she organized and took care of the PCR amplification, of the purification and of the quantification of the ABR genes working under the supervision of Dr. Eckert and Dr. Di Cesare. Alessia is now a brilliant master student in marine biology at the University of Aberdeen!
Publications with the MEG:
  • Di Cesare A., Eckert E.M., Teruggi A., Fontaneto D., Bertoni R., Callieri C. & Corno G., 2015. Constitutive presence of antibiotic resistance genes within the bacterial community of a large subalpine lake. Molecular Ecology 24: 3888-3900.