Andrea Di Cesare



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With us at the MEG: Andrea managed or participated in several research lines during his 4 years postdoctoral fellow at the MEG: Antibiotic resistance in the environment, Relationship between antibiotic resistant and virulent environmental and clinical strains, Horizontal Gene Transfer (HGT) in environmental strains.He worked on the spread of antibiotic resistance at the molecular level in human gut, marine, and freshwater environments. His gal was to understand the role of antibiotic (AB) resistant strains/traits in natural bacterial communities, to evaluate HGT mechanisms, and to study the fitness cost AB-related accessories genes. Andrea is from September 2017 Associated Researcher at the University of Genoa within the group leaded by Carla Pruzzo and Luigi Vezzulli, and is bringing on a number of collaborations with the MEG!
Publications with the MEG:


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