Giulia Sarasini


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With us at the MEG: Giulia worked in 2014 as postgraduate fellow on the study of the diffusion of antibiotic resistance traits to plasmidic level in Salmonella strains isolated from food under the supervision of Dr. Di Cesare in cooperation with the IZSVE in Padua. Moreover she focused on the research of specific antibiotic resistant selection systems, like Toxin-Antitoxin systems (TAs), and on contributing of TAs on the horizontal gene transfer processes. Giulia is now employed in a private pharmaceutical company in Monza as quality control manager.
Articles with the MEG:
A Di Cesare, C Losasso, L Barco, EM Eckert, D Conficoni, G Sarasini, G Corno, A Ricci. Diverse distribution of Toxin-Antitoxin II systems in Salmonella enterica serovars. Scientific Report 6: 28759; doi: 10.1038/srep28759.