Noemi Colinas Vallejo

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Currently PhD Student at the University of Valencia

With the MEG Noemi performed part of her master in cooperation with the University of Valencia. In my internship at the MEG I analysed the abundance and phylogenetic affiliation of Escherichia coli attached to the various copepod species of different alpine lakes. We therein evaluated whether the bacteria are related to clinical or environmental lineages of E. coli and whether their identity and abundance changes with nutrient load of and anthropic impact on the freshwater body.
Methods: Cultivation of bacteria and zooplankton, experiments, microscopy, PCR methods, flow cytometry
Publications with the MEG:
  • A Turolla, R Sabatino, D Fontaneto, EM Eckert, N Colinas, G Corno, B Citterio, F Biavasco, M Antonelli, A Mauro, G Mangiaterra, A Di Cesare. Defence strategies and antibiotic resistance gene abundance in enterococci under stress by exposure to low doses of peracetic acid. Chemosphere. 185: 480-488.