Silvia D'Urso
 Post-graduate fellow

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+39 0323 518321 (Telephone)
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Field of interest: Environmantal microbiology and genetics
Former experiences: I got my master degree in Biology at the University of Catania in October 2014. I was employed as trainee at the Policlinical Hospital in Catania where I prepared my master thesis.
Activities: I analyze the relation between the heavy metal resistance and antibiotic resistance in environments charcaterized by a different anthropic impact. I will further focus on the accessory genetic determinants allowing Escherichia coli strains to survive under antibiotic induced stress.
  • A Di Cesare, EM Eckert, S D'Urso, R Bertoni, DC Gillan, R Wattiez, G Corno. Co-occurrence of integrase 1, antibiotic and heavy metal resistance genes in municipal wastewater treatment plants. Water Research 94: 208-214.