Camille Cottin

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With us at the MEG: Camille performed her Master Project at the MEG in 2016/17 in cooperation with the Grenoble Alps University and the INRA Thonon on the definition of the antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs) profile within the bacterial community of large subalpine lakes in the water column at the interface water sediment. The presence of determinant of antibiotics resistance in environments exposed to high anthropic pressure is of primary concern for human health. This was performed in the two large European lakes (Lake Maggiore and Lake Geneva) on which the local resistome is better defined and will focus on the role of the sediment as long-term reservoir and source of ARGs with potential spread in the bacterial community of the water column. Her study defined the proportions and potential correlations between the relative and absolute presence of specific ARGs in sediments and in the water column of the two lakes in different periods of the year characterized by different water column stratification. This study produced the first comparison in terms of ARGs distribution between the two lakes and in general and the first observation of the potential role of sediments as ARGs bank for a lake. Camille is now planning her future, deciding wether to continue or not in research!