Serena Rasconi


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With us at the MEG: Serena spent 1 year at the MEG working on bacterial diversity and distribution in deep subalpine lakes as well as on mountain lakes.
Serena is now a post-doc in the Liptox Group at the WasserCluster Lunz, working on functional ecology of phytoplankton parasites in pelagic ecosystems.
Publications with the MEG:
R Bertoni, C Callieri, G Corno, S Rasconi, E Caravati, M Contesini. Long-term trends of epilimnetic and hypolimnetic bacteria and organic carbon in a deep holo-oligomictic lake. Hydrobiologia 644 (1), 279-287
C Callieri, G Corno, E Caravati, S Rasconi, M Contesini, R Bertoni. Bacteria, Archaea, and Crenarchaeota in the epilimnion and hypolimnion of a deep holo-oligomictic lake. Applied and environmental microbiology 75 (22), 7298-7300